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The Digital Ticket

A global provider of streaming movies, television and original content.

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The Digital Ticket is a global provider of streaming movies, television, and original content. It is the first platform to offer previously unseen, high-quality first-run films and other great content to the public at absolutely no cost. Your simple one-click-vote is why TDT has this great content and can give it to you for free. Mainly TDT is an online platform where we get filmmakers an opinion and feedback from the general audience on various movie ideas.

The Challenge

It is quite common that new filmmakers face problems prior to embarking on production whether they have an audience for their film or not. Likewise, one of the leading LA-based filmmakers encountered a similar dilemma and strongly felt the need for a solution that can research and experiment with their novel film idea on a set of audiences before they begin the actual production of the film.

The Plan

  • Build a robust platform for filmmakers, studios, and distributors to collect feedback and get a say of general audiences upon first-run movies.
  • Integrate the platform in a way that can showcase and test the first-run films and television shows.
  • Give access to real-time, real-world global analytics prior to commercial release.

The Result

  • Created an agile platform named The Digital Ticket (TDT) providing a dramatic new opportunity to the filmmakers to glean valuable analytics from people around the world as active members of TDT.
  • Invigorated with important global data and exposure that benefitted the film distribution, studios, and filmmakers to work harder for promoting each screening; that was previously unavailable.
  • Several months before the digital release of the film, filmmakers were able to know and prioritize their screening audiences and could strike the right partnerships leading to a successful release.

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