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A brand-new dating app that allows people to easily find their perfect match.

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“The Ten” App is a brand-new dating app that allows people to easily find their perfect match! As privacy and security play a critical role in online dating, this app was created to secure users' data online. Therefore, “The Ten” offers a brand new feature that restricts users from taking screenshots thus implying that your chats or photos won’t be circulated. It’s a seamless app for a worthwhile dating experience without worrying about privacy breaches.

The Challenge

Online dating is all fun and games until your privacy is at stake. Most dating apps do provide a seamless user experience, features that add value to online dating experience however, not much is done to protect user data. Even if the user’s identity is authorized one can never know if they carry malicious intentions. Such people often take screenshots of photos and chats leaving users in a compromised state. Moreover, it’s in human nature to make mistakes and blunders. Such blunders are often in the shape of a message sent accidentally or in anger. There’s been a dire need to have a feature that allows users to delete the message and save themselves from embarrassment.

The Plan

  • Detectable geo locational that enables users to see whose near them or how far the other person is
  • Create an easily managed profile that enables users to upload perfect photos and videos
  • Create a seamless user-interface

The Result

  • Users can easily "Pass" or "Meet" the people they are interested in or not
  • Blocked all attempts for users to take screenshots
  • Allow users to delete messages within 20 seconds
  • Chat with your matches and arrange dates with them

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