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Tarneeb Masters

A digitized version of the popular Tarneeb game!

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Tarneeb masters is a free game that is basically a digitized version of the popular tarneeb card game. It’s a turn-based, multiplayer tarneeb card game where players around the world can play together. Players can level up and move up the ranks, which is how they get matched with players of the similar skill level due to SBMM (Skill Based Matchmaking), making it a fair game for everyone. Custom game rooms allow players to play at a private table, so that only those who are invited can play. The guest mode allows players to play anonymously, without the need to sign up or register on the app.

The Challenge

Card games are popular around the world and they are usually played in-person by using tangible cards, since this may be considered as a bonding activity. However, since the rise in technology, people prefer to do almost everything from the comfort of their home. Whether it’s working from home or playing a card game online. We recognised the demand for online card games, especially like tarneeb, which aren’t as common as other mainstream card games. However, there are hundreds of other online card games but we wanted to make a game that would stand out from the rest. The challenge was to digitize the Tarneeb card game while focusing mostly on the player experience and graphics that would make this game unique. Therefore, the main goal was to rework the graphics to include as much detail as possible (from the felt of the table to the thickness of the cards) and increase the resolution to as high as possible so that the game would give more of a 3D feel. Another primary objective was to efficiently include in-app monetization so that the app could survive on its own, without any external investments.

The Plan

  • Create a Tarneeb card game with the highest resolution and the best graphics possible
  • Use efficient ways of in app monetization such as creating VIP rooms, and in-app purchases, so that the app survives on it’s own
  • Give players the best gaming experience possible by introducing an AI based model in which the AI learns from the players and evolves accordingly
  • Create servers that would allow friends and family members across the world to play together, without any latency issues

The Result

  • The app was a great success and even after so many years of it’s release, there are 500,000 players.
  • Players constantly compete in new daily events to get huge rewards.
  • Consistent players buy subscriptions for VIP rooms, which boosts the in-app monetization.

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