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A quality new experience for liquor lovers, now buy craft spirits from across America and the world.

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At Spirit Hub, we provide you a legally compliant mobile platform to buy craft spirits from across America and the world. Each of the craft distilleries we carry has been through a rigorous vetting process. This way Spirit Hub ensures a quality new experience for liquor lovers.

The Challenge

As consumers of craft spirits crave for new tastes, many brands are not available in their nearest liquor stores. But Spirit Hub, a small batch, farm to bottle craft distillery located in Lincolnwood, made their newly added expertly curated craft spirits available online that actually differentiated them in the rapidly expanding world of craft spirits. It was crucial to provide a legally compliant mobile platform for consumers who want to experience new craft spirits.

The Plan

  • Design a mobile-friendly website that allows users to conveniently place orders for craft spirits
  • Create a smart mobile app of Spirit Hub so consumers can view and buy craft products from across America anytime
  • Make available 750+ craft spirits from 150+ independent distilleries online especially in Illinois for the first time
  • Keep updating the website and Spirit Hub app with featured spirits to offer consumers a great variety of craft spirits

The Result

Within a few months of the website and app launching, Spirit Hub received notable industry recognition for its branding campaign and turned a profitable venture for the client. Moreover, Spirit Hub was able to successfully bring 2019 winning distilleries to the state of Illinois. Most recently, Spirit Hub has increased its staff, expanded into new locations and added some new taste spirits to their already inviting product line.

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