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Single Coin

An easy and safe crypto wallet app.

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SingleCoin is created to make it easier to buy, store and transact using cryptocurrencies. With deep experience in blockchain technology, our team is constantly staying on top of current trends and pursuing new developments to make your experience better.

The Background

As Bitcoin continues to gain traction with a rising number of buyers who face problems while tracking their transactions, we decided to offer an easy and safe crypto wallet app. With this advanced digital currency mobile app, you can easily Send Bitcoins to any Wallet address as it offers payment freedom, security, and control, and most significantly has fewer risks of exchange.

The Plan

  • Make a secure wallet app with intuitive storage for the digital assets

  • Adjustable, comfortable-to-send/receive transactions and versatile for fulfilling global conditions

  • User-friendly design and integration to improve appropriation

  • Design transactions list to view transaction history

  • Ensure safety and prevent hacking by integrating QR code

The Result

  • Built a comprehensive SingleCoin app to Store, Send, and Receive Bitcoins or Ethereum

  • Offered a virtual and interactive platform keeping track of your Bitcoin transactions

  • Better control of workflow and ability to capture new markets and clients.

  • Fast growth, accessible whenever and everywhere, and low subsistence expenses.

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