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Rockerbox News is a learning platform made for children, teachers, and parents. It introduces the concept of self-learning by reading intriguing articles. Rockerbox News intends to play a part in sparking curiosity in young people to dig deeper, understand more about a culture or society, and start to appreciate our differences. It is a platform where you will find articles related to important global topics you’ll never find on your average news website or magazine for 8-12-year-old children. It's a diverse platform that every home needs!

The Challenge

The world operates online now and our kids are more connected to the internet and the latest technology than we ever were. Ever since a global pandemic emerged, the education sector has also shifted to a digital model, a model we are now used to and want more of. However, initially this was a difficult mode of learning for the children and the parents. A challenge that most parents faced during this transition was the lack of involvement in the process and the lack of important subjects to be taught to the children. We know that there is a lot more happening around the globe to be curious about. And sadly, there are very few ways for inquisitive 8-12 year olds to know about it. This gap can be filled with Rockerbox News!

The Plan

  • Designing a mobile app to make learning fun with the involvement of teachers, parents and/or guardians with a dedicated admin and teacher’s portal
  • Two kinds of subscriptions: for teachers and parents
  • Users can register and purchase subscriptions to access numerous articles in several categories such as culture, technology, science, music etc. Important global topics you’ll never find on your average news website or magazine for kids
  • Articles can be searched by categories, tags, subcategories and locations. They can also be saved to be read later

The Result

  • An app focused solely to entertain and educate young minds under the supervision of their teachers/parents/guardians.
  • A wide variety of articles best suited to the interests of children.
  • Education beyond the traditional books in order to enhance the critical thinking of children.
  • Digital learning made easier, faster and fun.

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