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Needle Music

A social music sharing app, allowing people to build their musical journeys together.

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Needle Music is a pioneer in the digital music industry as it allows users to create and manage their true audio-biography. All other music apps only show audio history which includes all the random songs you play making it difficult for you to shortlist the songs that you listened to and liked in the previous days. Needle is streamlining the way you share and discover songs. Music fanatics, artists, industry giants and casual listeners can share, download, and update their “Top 8” favorite songs in real-time, discover new music through each other’s selections, and choose a “Song of the Day” for their followers to enjoy. Needle’s dynamic discovery and sharing functions, visual experiences, constant updates and diverse user base make for a new kind of social media; one that will change the social currency of music. The more engagement a profile gets, the higher the “Points” number on that profile will be. In your “Achievements” page, you will have access to a detailed breakdown of your “Top Listeners”, “Song Credits” and “Most Saved”. Download the app and get started now! Start building your “Audiobiography”. Curate your “Top 8”, which is displayed on your shareable profile, and easily listen on the app, or save to an existing playlist on Spotify. Post daily “Song of the Day” update for followers to enjoy in real-time. Tag desired songs and sort them by “Activity” or “Mood”.

The Challenge

Today, in 2021, digital music is all the rage. Every music app gives you the option of viewing your audio history but no app gives you the option to manage your own audio-biography. Do you listen to several songs in a day and want to be able to view all of your favorites? There’s a fine line between playing music and listening to music. Your audio history shows all the music you’ve played but your audio-biography will show you your favorites! The proposed idea was to discover music based on mood, events and the people you feel connected to, in addition to creating and sharing your accurate audio-biography. The objective was to change the way you can track, save, share and discover music.

The Plan

  • To create a music app that can be paired with your music streaming services, such as Spotify, My Music etc
  • An app that will allow users to pin their top 8 most favorite songs which can be generated into an audio-biography
  • To tag songs according to mood, event, feeling which will allow the user to log feelings and songs in their audio-biography, making it more real
  • To revolutionize discovering what your friends and family are listening to based on their emotions, moments, events, whereabouts etc
  • To make the discovery of music intuitive and fun

The Result

Users can create their true audio-biography based on what they listen to and like, not based on their most played songs.

  • Users can find new people on the app and connect with them and their music.
  • The go-to music app for the next generation that can connect you with better music.
  • Users can curate and tag songs they’re listening to, by activity or mood, in real time.
  • Users can get a detailed breakdown of their top listeners, song credits and most saved songs.

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