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An exclusive, social platform with premium content by content creators.

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My AAA is a new and improved social platform built for the ones who are tired of seeing the cluttered mess that currently exists online. For the digital consumers who want to see reality based content so that they can relate to it, and for content creators who want to create exclusive content according to their interests; this platform is best suited for them! It’s an ad free platform which means there will be no bombardment of sponsored posts by multiple creators. Moreover, screenshots won’t be allowed hence there will be no breach of privacy or stolen content. Luxuries are never free therefore, viewers will have to purchase subscriptions of the influencers they want to see! It’ll be totally worth it though because who doesn’t want to see content that they’ve never seen before?

The Challenge

Have you noticed the drastic change in social media lately? Initially, it started as a platform to stay in touch with your family and friends by sharing photos and videos. Now these platforms are more about influencers and brands. You follow more brands and influencers than family and friends. You always want to be the first to know about what your favorite influencer is doing. However, as much as you like the paid promotional content, you like the real content more. You prefer to know the exclusive and transparent side of these influencers. You would love a break from sponsored posts. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Tiktok, Twitter, and every other app that exists today is too saturated with bloggers and influencers hence the concept of realism is extinct on these platforms. Are you an influencer who would like to be more exclusive while also earning more? Our aim was to bring a platform that’ll be less about paid collaborations and more about content creation.

The Plan

  • Onboarding popular, renowned content creators who will create exclusive content which can not be posted on any other social platform that they’re a part of
  • 3000 to 8000 influencers who will be actively contributing
  • Users will have to subscribe and pay to view their favorite influencers content
  • Influencers onboarded will get the bigger chunk of the revenue
  • It will be an ad free platform however, a content creator can promote a brand within their own posts
  • Content will be divided into different categories which will make it easier to browse for the contributor and the viewer

The Result

  • All currently active digital media platforms produce the same content and are too saturated for a good content creator to stand out. My AAA changed the game with bringing in exclusivity to the market.

  • Content creators are paid way more on My AAA as the viewers have to purchase a subscription to see their content and the bigger slice of the revenue goes to these creators.

  • Since it’s an ad free app, influencers are not forced to create content with a strict guideline, they can be themselves and resonate with their audience.

  • Content related to every category makes this social platform stand out in the market as users can easily browse according to their interests.

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