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Love At First Swipe

A brand-new dating app!

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Love At First Swipe is a brand-new dating app that helps you find your perfect match. However, it not just helps with connecting you to people but keeps your privacy secured by disallowing people from taking screenshots of your chats and photos. In addition to that, the app allows users to delete their chars so there won’t be any record of the conversations. It’s an easy-to-use app with a seamless interface making it ideal for regular customer use.

The Challenge

Online dating is fun but it's often tainted with the fear of privacy breach and security issues. People who've joined dating apps before often complain that their personal photos and messages are used against them. It puts users in a critical position hence, it was very important to create a dating app that not only connects people but protects their privacy at all levels.

The Plan

  • It’s geo locational so you can easily see who’s near right now and how far away they are
  • Make a decision on someone but if you change your mind you can move people to the pass list
  • Manage your profile and upload the perfect photos and videos

The Result

  • Users can easily pass or meet the people they interested in
  • Blocked all attempts for users to take screenshots
  • Allows users to delete their chats
  • Chat with your compatible person and arrange dates with them

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