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An all-in-one ride hailing and logistics app.

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The demand for public transport and taxi services is ever growing. As the demand grows these services become more smart and dynamic. Etom is an all in one cab service; a service that fulfills all your car related needs. Etom is a smart addition to the ride hailing service industry as it allows for travel, deliveries and ride sharing. It is an all-in-one ride hailing and logistics app, from being your personal cab to being your exclusive delivery partner. Where other similar apps are cluttered with various features and layers, Etom aims at being simple, clean and extremely easy to use. This way we are able to target a bigger market by making our app accessible to a greater age group.

The Challenge

The aim with Etom was to create an extremely simple and intuitive interface. The purpose was to make the user experience smooth and seamless for all age groups. Hence, there was more focus on keeping simple buttons for each service, keeping the flow simple and emphasis on less number of clicks. Overall, Etom has an easy-to-navigate interface and user experience. The creators of Etom wanted to create a user friendly logistics and ride hailing app. The purpose was to digitize transporting humans and goods. While also making it accessible and easy to navigate for all age groups. Currently, almost all ride hailing apps are loaded with a plethora of features and buttons, creating a slightly confusing user experience. With Etom, the objective was to focus on making the app as user friendly as possible.

The Plan

  • Deliveries: From groceries and food to medicines and apparel, get anything you want, delivered by Etom
  • Ride Sharing: Share a cab with your friends or family, pick them on the way
  • Live Tracking: Always know where your driver's location or delivery location
  • Home Shifting: Book different vehicles to transport your household items from one location to another
  • Secure Payments: Experience safe payment gateways to have a smooth experience with Etom

The Result

  • A Super App: Etom is a super solution for your daily commute - transporting humans and goods. It has multiple features to assist its customers including deliveries, ride sharing and live tracking.
  • Intuitive Interface: Etom allows customers to gauge the size of the item that needs to be delivered. Depending on the size and volume of the parcel a vehicle is sent to transport it. This way Etom is able to effectively manage their fleet.
  • Fare Meter Visibility: View fare as it gets billed during the ride, this allows for better transparency for the customer as they can view in app calculations.
  • Attach Images: The local mapping is quite different from international mapping as oftentimes houses do not have accurate addresses, or address format as per international standards. Which is why Etom allows customers to add images of their pick up and drop off locations (gate, house, landmark) making the experience more comfortable and user friendly.

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