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Deer Sleep

Deer Sleep plays with sound and light to help you sleep.

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Deer Sleep is an app created for people who hold sleep dear to their hearts but are unable to find peace and relaxation. It’s a struggle to focus and relax ourselves given our hectic lifestyles and routines. Deer Sleep has been created for people of all ages to help them sleep, focus or relax. Deer Sleep plays sound and light which can even help mask mild tinnitus. With a single button users can set different spectra to suit their mood. For instance, green noise is known as the background harmonic of the earth. Hugely atmospheric, dominated by mid-range frequencies, it has a resonance that can help creative thinking.

The Challenge

Many of us deal with sleep crises. Insomnia has made our lives awful, turning us into night owls and ruining the next morning at work. Not just but infants and newborn babies struggle with their sleep cycle as well. While at it, excessive usage of social media has impacted our attention span too. On one hand, we have new borns unable to sleep, and on the other mature adults struggle with the same while also seeking concentration and relaxation in life.

The Plan

  • Incorporate sounds and colors in app that resonate with needs and moods of users
  • Be wary of music that helps people relax

The Result

  • Seamless user-interface to enhance user experience
  • Music and sounds that help in sleeping, meditation and relaxation
  • Created an audio blanked for users

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