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Delivereez simply refers to track and trace delivery which provides the best services to the customers.

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Delivereez refers to track and trace delivery which provides the best services to the customers who sign up for E-delivery that can be subdivided into various parts such as Cannabis dispensary delivery, food delivery, grocery delivery, alcohol delivery, and much more. Delivereez app allows users to place an order online for marijuana, late-night meals, last-minute birthday gifts, cleaning supplies, pet food—anything. The Delivereez team delivers whatever you want whenever you want. The app allows users to track their orders while the rider brings everything right to their doorstep in minimum time.

The Challenge

One of the recognizable and licensed marijuana enterprises needed a solution to integrate multiple carriers onto a single platform. The aim was to initiate a trusted cannabis delivery service, providing on-demand delivery for both medical and recreational reasons. In addition to that, the client wanted to increase efficiency and reduce manual labor to meet the rising demand from consumers. As they were unable to implement an online and international e-Commerce delivery strategy, they contacted us to build a delivery solution that can manage their order fulfillment, shipping, and cannabis delivery tracking effectively.

The Plan

  • Build an e-delivery platform to empower the delivery capabilities of marijuana enterprises and manufacturers
  • Create a digitally accelerated, fast and last-mile delivery solution that can manage multiple carriers and customers’ orders at one time
  • Add new delivery carriers while efficiently managing the existing carrier's performance
  • Provide excellent and convenient last-mile delivery to meet customer expectations and focus on customer care the maximum

The Result

  • Delivereez solution not only improved the online cannabis ordering system but boosted the operational speed and proved cost-effective software.
  • Using Delivereez, legal cannabis sellers and merchandisers were able to adopt an adaptable and scalable delivery system, safe in the knowledge that they had dependable support.
  • Delivereez gets the innovation for online shopping and cannabis purchase, giving great flexibility enabling sellers and producers to effectively devise their delivery strategy, optimize time and quality of marijuana products.

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